allison ranch

Is a Private Spiritual Retreat for God's Servants on the beautiful River of No Return. Deep in the Idaho Wilderness area is a place where the air is so clear the stars seem to rest on the mountain tops and sparkling streams run cold and pure. It overlooks the Salmon River; and also features a white sandy beach. You may hike, swim, or photograph elk and deer. This is a one of a kind wilderness location that you will remember the rest of your life! The ranch and the vast primitive area surrounding it are the perfect time and place for you to study and re-new your spiritual faith.


Allison Ranch was developed by Harold and Phyllis Thomas and they invite those in full-time service to the Lord to be their guests. This is a time to study, grow and be renewed in the Holy Spirit. If you are a missionary on furlough, a missionary stationed in the states working for a missionary organization or a pastor of a church you meet the criteria: THE TOTAL COST FOR YOUR FAMILY'S 4 DAY STAY IS $300, (in the form of a non-refundable deposit with your reservation).

allison ranch

allison ranch
YOUR HOSTS - Jim and Gloria Mozingo

At Allison Ranch each day begins with morning devotions and Bible Study. All meals are home cooked and are preceeded with prayer and spiritual discussions with the hosts and/or other guests.

Dates are available June 1st - September 20th. You fly into the Ranch on Monday morning (by chartered plane leaving from Cascade or McCall), and fly out Friday morning. The ranch can accommodate a maximum of four guests each week and require the youngest guest to be at least 12 years old.

Reserve by calling Judy Rasmussen at 208-377-3005.